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Children’s Food Campaign slams Nestlé’s refusal to change unhealthy cereal products

Posted in Green parenting by Pridham on August 25, 2009

Campaigners at the Children’s Food Campaign are appalled by Nestlé’s statement yesterday on industry news website Food and Drink Europe that it will not ditch many of its unhealthiest cereals.

Children’s Food Campaign joint coordinator Christine Haigh said:

“This announcement shows that Nestlé’s claim to be “the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company” is pure spin. Many of Nestlé’s cereal products, such as Cheerios and Shreddies, are high in sugar which contributes to obesity, tooth decay and a range of other health problems. Yet while Nestlé try to win kudos for their commitment to health, they quietly let it be known through trade websites that they are still going to promote high sugar cereals, many of which are aimed at children.”

She continued: “Nestlé’s action shows it is no use asking the food industry nicely to change its ways. If the Government is serious about improving health they must use their powers to regulate. A good start would be expelling Nestlé from the anti-obesity Change4Life campaign.”

via Children’s Food Campaign slams Nestlé’s refusal to change unhealthy cereal products.